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    Caroline EyongCaroline Eyong

    Hi Parents!

    Welcome to your students’ very first day of Venture Upward for the 2023-2024 school year!

    This forum is a great place to connect with other Venture Families in my class. We have some families who are brand new to Venture, but also some that are Venture Veterans.

    It can sometimes feel a bit isolating to be a homeschool parent, so I urge to to try to get connected to other parents through this forum.

    Please answer the following questions and then respond to at least one other Parent’s response. See what you can find in common!

    1. How many kiddos do you have in the program?
    2. How long have you been with Venture Upward?
    3. What are you the most nervous about?
    4. What are you the most excited about?
    5. What is your favorite coffee drink?

    Michelle ValentineMichelle Valentine

    1.Two boys
    2.This is our first year and just joined the second week of the program.
    3.I’m nervous about not fulfilling the requirements of being a member (time, modules, etc.) and I feel lost with the new set up (curriculums) for my two boys.
    4. I’m excited that my boys will be able to socialize with other kids and going on a field trip.
    5. I rarely drink coffee but I like to drink hot herbal tea. Only time I drink coffee is when I need an extra boost (staying up late at night or on long road trips).

    Caroline EyongCaroline Eyong

    Hi Michelle!

    We are SO glad to have you!

    The first couple of weeks tend to be a little overwhelming as you learn your new system and all of the new curriculums—but don’t worry! You will get the hang of it! I am here to help. As always, reach out if you have any specific questions I can help with! I will also be working on creating a weekly checklist/tracker for each student and they will be coming in your email shortly! Hopefully this will help you to feel a bit less overwhelmed.

    I enjoy herbal tea as well! What is your favorite one?


    1. 2 kiddos, a boy (6) and a girl (10)
    2. This will be our 3rd year I believe.. 🤔
    3. Time management and keeping the youngest motivated.
    4. To be honest, I’m not super excited about anything. I started a job in January that has me working all hours of the night so we miss out on almost all of the fun stuff like park days and book club. It’s been pretty sad.
    5. Any coffee! I need it to survive. 🤣 when I want a sweet treat I get an iced mocha with a little caramel and extra shots of espresso.

    Chantal HuertaChantal Huerta

    Hello My name is Chantal and I am mama to Madison and she is my only kiddo in the program. This is our first year with VU. I am most nervous about making sure to meet all the requirements and keeping pace. I am most excited to have a more structured education plan and to have a good idea of how Madison is doing based on state requirements.

    Right now, my favorite coffee drink is an iced cinnamon dolce latte! I used to get it at Starbucks but have learned to make it at home!

    Caroline EyongCaroline Eyong


    I cannot believe that Anika is 10 already!

    Yes! A caramel mocha sounds amazing!

    Caroline EyongCaroline Eyong

    Chantal! We are so happy to have you join us! Madison is just the sweetest!

    The two of you are going to do great. Please know that you have a whole team behind you, supporting you the entire way. <3

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